These are the files you should have:

1. robmail.cgi . . . . . . . the Perl script that runs everything
2. adduser.cgi . . . . . . . Perl that lets users add/remove themselves
3. index.html . . . . . . . main HTML page
4. adduser.htm . . . . . . . HTML fragment for adduser.cgi
5. lists.txt . . . . . . . . data file
6. default.txt . . . . . . . data file
7. pend.txt . . . . . . . . data file
8. pwd.txt . . . . . . . . . data file
9. sig.txt . . . . . . . . . data file
10. link.gif . . . . . . . . image
11. robmail.jpg . . . . . . . RobMail button
12. readme.txt . . . . . . . this file

Here's what you need to do with these files:

- Put robmail.cgi, adduser.cgi in your cgi-bin and chmod them 755.

- Make a directory for RobMail somewhere and chmod it 777. It should NOT be in
your public html directory. The script will still function if this directory
is in your public html, but then anyone can read your list of subscribers if they
can figure out where to look.

This is where the file locations will be different for people who have installed
previous versions of this script. You should put your txt files in this new
directory, and chmod them 777. This new directory will make up your new $maildir
in your cgi files. Also, your $mailurl is no longer a directory - it's just the
location of index.html (or whatever you feel like naming it).

- Put lists.txt, default.txt, pend.txt, pwd.txt, sig.txt in this directory, and chmod
them all 777.
- Put index.html somewhere in your public html, and chmod it 644.
- If you want to use the adduser stuff (which allows users to add/remove
themselves to/from a mailing list) just insert the code from adduser.htm to one
of your pages, and make the changes as mentioned for adduser.htm below.

-- Note --
The default password is 'password' - all lower case.

Now, you need to make a few small edits:

--- robmail.cgi ---

--- Change the first line of this file to reflect the location of the perl
interpreter on your system. If the interpreter is at /bin/perl, then
this line should be #!/bin/perl. You can get this information with the
command "which perl" or "where perl". Check with the system admin
if you're not sure.

--- $mailprog - change this to the location of the mail program on your
system, followed by a -t.
Ex: '/usr/bin/sendmail -t';
Again, check with the sys admin if you don't know the location of your

--- $maildir - change this to the location of your RobMail
directory. DO NOT include a trailing slash / !
Ex: '/usr/people/eislerr/mail';
Ex: '../mail';

--- $mailurl - change this to the URL of the RobMail HTML file. Again,
DO NOT include a trailing / !
Ex: '';
Ex: '';

--- $yourname, $yourmail - these will go in the from: for your outgoing email.
Ex: $yourname = 'Rob Eisler';
Ex: $yourmail = '';

--- $cgi - this is the cgi call that goes in the <form action""> tag.
Set this to call the robmail.cgi in your cgi-bin, exactly the same as what
you will enter in the index.html (described below).
Ex: '';
Ex: '';

--- $queryswitch - this will be tacked on to the end of your $cgi when the script
requires the use of query strings. Ok? :) It should either be '?' or '&'.

Basically, if your cgi call already has a ? in it, then you need to use
'&', otherwise it's '?'. Most people will want to use '?'.

If your $cgi looks like this:
you should have $queryswitch = '?';
If it's like this: *
use $queryswitch = '&'; *

--- adduser.cgi ---

--- as in robmail.cgi, change the first line to the location of your perl
interpreter, and change $maildir, $mailprog, $yourname, $yourmail as in

--- $confirm_additions - this is a switch for the confirm option. It should
be either a 1 or a 0. If it's a 0, users will be added to the list as
soon as they submit the adduser form. If it's a 1, users will first
be sent an e-mail message with a URL they must visit. This will
confirm their address and prevent people from signing up bad
e-mail addresses.
Ex: $confirm_additions = 1;
Ex: $confirm_additions = 0;

--- $robmailcgi - this is the URL to robmail.cgi (NOT adduser.cgi) WITH A
? (or &) attached. This is the same as $cgi and $queryswitch from
robmail.cgi put together.
Ex: '';
Ex: '';

--- index.html ---

Change all 6 of the <form action=""> tags to point to the robmail.cgi on
your system. These should be exactly the same as in the $cgi above. This is
the page from which you will run all the admin fuctions of the script.

--- adduser.htm ---

--- Change the <form action=""> tag as in index.html above, but to
adduser.cgi rather than robmail.cgi .

--- In the line:
<input type="hidden" name="list" value="testing">
Change the word testing to the EXACT name of the list you want the
users to be added to. So, if you're using the default list, write:
<input type="hidden" name="list" value="default">


Ok! That should be everything you need. Good luck! E-mail me with
any trouble.